Our favorite photos from 2020: how Guardian US saw the year

Our photographers captured many memorable and moving moments from 2020. Here’s our pick of the most striking.

  • Images selected by Jehan Jillani

In a year like no other, Guardian US tried to cover this country the way we know best – centering those who exist outside the corridors of power. We covered families and individuals who were some of the first ones to lose their livelihoods amidst the pandemic and impending recession, and then spent some time with a seven-year-old as she did her best while cooped up at home. We were in Minneapolis, speaking to longtime residents about systemic racism and police brutality, and we were in Holmes county, Louisiana, celebrating with young high school graduates.

The “we” of course, refers to our brilliant, thoughtful and deeply dedicated group of photographers. Despite the odds, they captured the truly memorable and moving moments of a year we cannot wait to leave behind.

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