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The pub banter king, Sean Dyche, speaking to PA Media, has continued his message that laughter is the best medicine. As yet, he appears not to have commented on the leveraged buyout of Burnley that David Conn helped bring to light in these pages.

We’ve had some really tough times; very pressurised, full of anxiety and you’ve got to diffuse that at times. It’s certainly something I’ve believed in throughout my life. The hardest things can find the funniest moments, I don’t mean crass or awkward moments or horrible ones. It’s a deadly serious moment in our world but there still has to be a moment where everyone can relax a little bit. You still have to do the job, no matter who you’re playing against. A bit of humour doesn’t go amiss. I accept humour from the players as well. It’s not a one-way street, they can have the odd flippant or funny remark. Going back to lookalikes, we did have a lookalike board, I’m not going to tell you who was on it but there were some brilliant ones which the players put on themselves. If you try to have a joke or a one-liner or fun about anything, it’s turned around on you, virtually always. It’s a shame but that’s modern life, I get that. Some managers who probably have way more humour – and I know some that are for a fact – they just go ‘there’s no point because I ended up getting it turned on me’. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Most managers, in my experience, put a straight bat on it, bat it away and try to not show the truth of who they are.

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Did we mention that there’s a lot of football on this weekend? That goes for sport too. Paul MacInnes has worked out the schedule.

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