Rt Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin: ‘My biggest disappointment? People’s racist behaviour’

The Bishop of Dover on jerk food, a run-in with a bus and the pain of too-tight shoes

Born in Jamaica, the Rt Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, 59, was ordained a priest in 1994 and served in east London for 16 years. In 2019, she was installed in Canterbury cathedral as Bishop of Dover, becoming Britain’s first black female bishop. She will be guest-editing BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on 31 December. She is married with three children.

What is your earliest memory?
Reciting a poem. I was about four years old. Growing up in the Caribbean, if you were good at reading or poetry, the older generation liked to boast, “See, my child can do this.” I remember being lifted up on a veranda, the gathering of people around, and reciting and being cheered.

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