Satan shoes? Sure. But Lil Nas X is not leading American kids to devil-worship | Akin Olla

This whole controversy is part of a long history of misdirected moral outrage that blames artists for the social ills of society

Lil Nas X, a 21-year-old musical artist first famous for his rap/country hit Old Town Road, has ruffled quite a few feathers with the release of the video for his new single Montero: Call Me By Your Name. He’s long been a controversial online figure, due in part to his charming and frenetic social media presence and the homophobic attacks he has received since proudly and publicly announcing that he is gay, has been gay, and will remain gay until the world stops spinning. Absurd conspiracy theories have followed him – from claims that he is brainwashing kids into queerness to his potential ties to the ever-present Illuminati.

Lil Nas X has embraced the hate and conspiracy with his latest song and the accompanying video, which satirically doubles down on the idea that his sexual orientation will send him to hell by visually traveling there himself, lap-dancing for the devil, and usurping him as the king of the underworld. This, along with his limited release of custom Satanic-themed sneakers made with a trace amount of human blood, has brought a furor of condemnation and fresh conspiracy theories that Lil Nas X worships the devil, is trying to brainwash children, and/or has ties to secretive and sinister organizations.

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