Shield some and let others carry on? This Covid theory is dangerous, and foolish | Charlotte Summers

The concept is not only impractical, it creates an ‘them and us’ mentality. Everyone’s health matters, or no one’s health matters

There is currently a discussion, relayed by media such as the Sun and MailOnline and circulated on social media, about the way Covid-19 predominantly impacts older people and those who have pre-existing health conditions. Some are advocating that those who are healthy and aged under 60 should not be subject to restrictions. There are several flaws in this narrative, from practical as well as ethical perspectives.

It is correct that 388 people aged under 60 with no pre-existing health conditions have died from Covid in England. Similarly, “only” 1,591 Covid-related deaths have occurred in people without pre-existing health conditions who are aged 60 or older. The majority of deaths – 45,770 – have occurred in people with pre-existing health issues (3,210 of them in people below the age of 60).

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