Soulmates review – what if Amazon could recommend your one true love?

The new Prime sci-fi anthology series imagines a future where computers could identify the ideal romantic partner

We are 15 years in the future. Some pesky scientist or computer (or perhaps a pesky combination of the two) has uncovered the existence of the “soul particle” in humans, which means anyone can have a test that will reveal his or her perfect partner. So, what would you do?

The premise of Amazon’s new six-part sci-fi anthology series is not the freshest – the idea of technology cutting through the delicate layers of emotion, connection and meaning with which we humble meatsacks insist on complicating our lives has been a trope of the genre almost as long as there has been sci-fi. But it is one of the most fun. Because – well, what would you do? What would you do if you were single? What would you do if you were married? What would you do if you were 20, 40, 60? What would you do if you had children? What would you do if you didn’t want to take the test, but your partner did? And all your friends had? And society had embraced it as the solution to the kind of messy, resource-sapping problems that have beset humanity down the ages? What happens when you hold out for the possibility of perfection in a world mostly getting by with good-enoughs?

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