Strike! How 80s post-punk band Lining Time crystallised a moment in feminist protest history

The mid-point between the Raincoats and Life Without Buildings, the short-lived Plymouth group brought improv, humour and European radicalism to their newly rediscovered debut album

In 1982, a group of women found their collective voice. “If I can strike, you can strike, she can strike, we can strike,” they sang during a performance in Plymouth, passing the chant like a baton as they performed playground rhythms on woodblock percussion. Calling themselves Lining Time, this assemblage of dance and theatre students arrived at their own understanding of music as creative expression.

Training in theatre language at the Dartington College of Arts had given the group a medium to tell their stories; injustices such as Thatcherite policies, the Falklands war and endemic violence against women compelled them. It was in this cultural moment of post-punk attitude and resurgent feminist movements that Lining Time – Claire Bushe, Cathy Frost, Lisa Halse, Cathy Josefowitz and Mara de Wit – came together.

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