Sunday with Lemn Sissay: ‘It’s a day to do nothing and do nothing well’

The author enjoys a bit of breathing space, a Zoom chat and a late-night podcast

What wakes you up? Police sirens. It’s the same every morning, although in Hackney they at least start a little later on a Sunday than during the rest of the week. I do my stretches before a multi-layered breakfast: muesli, then a sprinkling of sweet granola, topped with semi-skimmed milk.

What does Sunday feel like? It’s a day to do nothing and to do nothing well. Being busy all the time is no sign of great creativity, it’s a sign of poor time management. You need space to breathe. Thankfully, I’ve been a self-employed artist all my adult life, so can take Sunday’s essence and experience it whenever I like.

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