Tanya Roberts obituary

Film and TV star who found fame as one of Charlie’s Angels and was a Bond girl opposite Roger Moore in A View to a Kill

Tanya Roberts, who has died aged 65, was already a film and television star when she was cast as a “Bond girl”, Stacey Sutton, opposite Roger Moore in A View to a Kill (1985). Moore was 58 at the time, and looking somewhat creaky as he scaled the Golden Gate Bridge during his final outing in the role of James Bond, while Roberts was 30 and having the time of her life commandeering a fire engine during a chase through San Francisco, albeit with a little help from bluescreen technology.

She was second choice for the part after the film’s producers were unable to secure Priscilla Presley. This hardly fazed Roberts, who had already made her name stepping into another actor’s shoes when she was cast in 1981 as Shelley Hack’s replacement on the fifth season of Charlie’s Angels, the hit television series about a trio of glamorous female crime-fighters. “That’s the way every job is,” she told the talk-show host Johnny Carson when he queried the show’s personnel changes. “There was someone before, there’ll be someone after you.”

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