The big picture: Juno Calypso’s honeymoon for one

The London-based photographer took a trip to a lovers’ hotel in Pennsylvania and allowed alter ego Joyce the run of the place

“If I’m in need of inspiration for new images,” Juno Calypso has said, “I’ll go on eBay. My key search words are ‘sexy’ and ‘pink’ and ‘mask’. I’ll start in the hair and beauty section and then move on to electronics, followed by a long browse in the wedding department.”

It was a similar kind of search that led her to the honeymoon hotel in which this picture is taken. Having come across a couples-only “land of love” resort in Pennsylvania, the London-based photographer saved up and booked herself in for a solo week. Calypso left her room only to take advantage of the all-you-can-eat breakfast and dinner. Otherwise, conjuring the persistent alter ego of her work (whom she thinks of as “Joyce”), she took advantage of the heart-shaped hot tub in her room, and surveyed herself in the mirrored ceiling, which had reflected lovers every week since the 1970s.

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