The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part four review – the teenage witch bows out with a flourish

It’s spirited, supernatural fun, but with a menacing terror that echoes the last 10 months in the real world

It is the end of the road for this enjoyably baroque revival of the teenage witch, as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) bows out with a fourth and final season. Some would argue that, like Glow, it was prematurely pulled, another victim of Netflix’s casual wave of the cancellation wand, but while it is still here, I am trying desperately to catch up with everything that has been going on.

A confession: I dipped out at the end of the first season. It was fun and knowing and a touch campy but, to be brutal, there is a lot of that about, and it never quite drew me back in. Here on the last stretch, then, there are now two Sabrinas, one on Earth, one in hell, or not just in hell, but the Queen of Hell, and the two should not be meeting, because of a time paradox. But there continues to be very bad stuff in Greendale, so obviously Kiernan Shipka has plenty of opportunities to put in double time.

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