The Crew review – Netflix fails to find the funny side of Nascar

The old-fashioned humour of this Kevin James vehicle has its place, but a lack of depth and tired punchlines about millennials and vegetarians leave it lagging behind

The Crew (Netflix) is so all-American that, during its first two minutes, a full-blown brawl is halted when The Star-spangled Banner rings out. Everyone stops throwing punches and stands with their hands on their hearts. This ultratraditional sitcom marks the return of Kevin James – Paul Blart: Mall Cop and The King of Queens – to television and is pitched squarely at your American everyman, if every man in the US were cut from the cloth of James.

His character, also named Kevin, is the boss of a relatively unsuccessful Nascar team upended when its elderly, Stetson-wearing owner retires and hands responsibility to his Ivy League-educated daughter, Catherine. It will come as a shock to no one that salt-of-the-earth Kevin butts heads with Catherine’s fancy ways and her youthfully efficient approach to business. Catherine would like the team to start winning some races and making some money; Kevin would like a quiet life and for the old, familiar ways to remain, even if that means they come in 10th place (when they have a good week).

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