The estate on the frontline of Dover traffic chaos – a photo essay

As Brexit looms and a new variant of Covid causes fresh delays at the port of Dover, photographer Danny Burrows has been documenting the local community of Aycliffe, a small estate that skirts the A20, struggling with air and noise pollution, and mounting litter and human waste

The estate of Aycliffe, on the outskirts of the port of Dover, is on the frontline of the traffic chaos on the Dover’s A20. Separated from the queue of lorries by a flimsy sound wall and a sliver of overgrown verge, its residents are besieged by a relentless barrage of noise and air pollution, as well as mounting piles of litter and human faeces as trapped lorry drivers are forced to use the threshold between the main road and their homes as a toilet.

“This stretch of the A20 has probably become the longest urinal in the world,” says James, a 30-year-old volunteer at a local nature reserve, who has lived in Aycliffe for 16 years.

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