The Fiver | An exemplary piece of public relations, featuring Didier Lamkel Zé

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The Fiver can’t remember whether we ever got round to commissioning a Yaya Touré Award for Services to Diplomacy, but we’ve been meaning to do so ever since 2006. That was when the silver-tongued midfielder, then of Monaco, reacted to news that Laszlo Boloni had been sacked as the club’s manager by declaring: “Boloni’s departure gives me great satisfaction, I was more than fed up with him.” Boloni’s name has appeared in the world’s most tea-timely email several times since then, usually because for sausage-based puns it’s an absolute banger. But we bring it up again because the manager is involved in another exemplary piece of public relations, one for which Didier Lamkel Zé will always have a place in The Fiver’s heart.

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