The Mormons Are Coming review – lovely, kind and deeply unsettling

You can’t fail to warm to the cheery young Mormons in this unprecedented documentary … even as they try to fill your emotional void with their beliefs

It’s early to call it but my fact of the year must surely be that Chorley – yes, that Chorley, halfway between Wigan and Preston – is the European centre of Mormonism, the Lancastrian home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). It is the UK’s Salt Lake City.

I suspect that the documentary The Mormons Are Coming is a direct result of this fact reaching the ears of a BBC researcher who, after a disbelieving shake of the head and a quick online search to confirm, got on the phone to the nearest commissioner and informed him that Auntie had a duty to bring this extraordinary news to the people.

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