The new ThunderCats film must revive TV show’s psychedelic magic

As Hollywood rediscovers the power of animation, a reboot of the sci-fi classic has come at the perfect time

There is a certain slightly po-faced type of cineaste who cannot understand geek culture and Hollywood’s obsession with adapting fantasy TV shows, comics and old B-movies. Why would grownups flock to the multiplex to watch the latest Avengers flick when they could be taking in a daring, intellectual piece of arthouse?

We can be assured the news that Hollywood is working on a big-screen remake of the sci-fi cartoon ThunderCats will go down about as well with this demographic as one of Snarf’s dodgy jokes. For those who remember the series, it debuted in 1985 and fits into the same broad category as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: everything takes place on a magical planet beset by the local undead villain and his evil machinations.

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