The Spin | Six wishes for cricket in 2021

The return of fans to stadiums would be great for the sport and New Zealand becoming the No 1 Test side would be welcome

Ahhh, midwinter Test matches. For cricket-lovers around the world keeping a sleepy eye on Australia’s showdown with India, there’s nothing quite like the warm feeling of waking up to an Aussie batting collapse. It can be rather ruined when swiftly followed by the icy feeling of waking up to an Indian batting catastrophe. But that makes it all the better when India bounce back to pull off a famous victory masterminded by a stand-in captain.

The last week in December is the peak of the cricket year, even if the only tests involving England this time are of the medical variety. It’s also the moment to look ahead and work out what we would like to see in 2021. So here are The Spin’s wishes, some realistic, others merely hopeful – but then, as the Guardian likes to say, hope is power.

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