The TV quiz of the year: from a Schitt’s Creek wedding to an explosive Homeland finale

How much TV did you binge on during the lockdown months? And have you retained any of it? Time to find out …

It was a big year for Schitt’s Creek, which saw its sixth and final season nominated for a record 15 Emmy awards, sweeping all four in the acting categories. What did Moira wear to her son’s wedding?

A clown costume

An angel costume

A pope costume

A Mickey Mouse costume

And what happened at the Crows Have Eyes 3 premiere?

Everyone was attacked by crows

Everyone ate crow

Everyone dressed as a crow

Everyone vomited

In The Undoing, what does Hugh Grant do for a living?

Equine veterinarian

Military aviator

Corporate seismologist

Paediatric oncologist

Inside No 9’s Psychoville crossover episode saw two characters dance to which song?

Status Quo – You’re in the Army Now

Soulja Boy – Crank That

Madonna – Justify My Love

Whigfield – Saturday Night

How did the final season of Homeland end?

Carrie married Saul

Carrie started a foundation named after Nicholas Brody

Carrie quit spying to become a jazz musician

Carrie wrote a book called Tyranny of Secrets: Why I Had to Betray My Country

Why was the third episode of Steven Moffat’s Dracula so divisive?

It took place in the present day

Dracula became a woman

Dracula fought Frankenstein

Everyone rapped

What could the central machine in Devs do?

Create robot versions of dead relatives

Transform carbon dioxide into electricity

Look backwards or forwards to any moment in time

Make sausages

In The Third Day: Autumn, what did Jude Law spend 50 straight minutes hauling around?

A wheelbarrow

A sledge

A rowing boat

A tractor wheel

In I May Destroy You, what terrible-sounding book made Michaela Coel’s character famous?

Confessions of a Skint Hipster

Adventures in the Gig Economy

Diary of the Woke Generation

Chronicles of a Fed-Up Millennial

Which of the following is not a song from I Saw a Tiger, the 2014 album by Tiger King’s Joe Exotic?

GW and Me

Books Can’t Teach

Guardians of Children

Pretty Women Lover

What did Jimmy McGill drink in the desert in Better Call Saul?




Coke Zero

Where is Netflix’s The Eddy set?

A failing Parisian jazz club

A thriving Norwegian jazz club

A bankrupt New Orleans jazz club

The world’s jazziest jazz club called Jazz Jazz I Love Jazz

10 and above.

Interesting. You actually managed to watch too much television this year. Seriously, what an unhealthy result.

7 and above.

Not bad. The cinemas, theatres, museums and concert venues might have closed, but at least you watched a lot of Netflix.

0 and above.

Hang on. You spent six months under lockdown and still don’t know anything about television? What did you do? Read books? Ugh.

4 and above.

Not a great result. Next year, try devoting more brain space to the ephemeral trivialities of television.

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