The value of a smaller, simpler Christmas Day | Letters

Kerry Lawrence says this year’s quieter yuletide is a gift to us all, while John Wainwright takes exception to those who say Christmas is cancelled. Plus letters from David Anderson, Annie Bullen and Mary Shepherdson

Like wartime, this pandemic has brought out the best and the worst of humankind. Some of this has been on very public display, but much has taken place in private settings. So far, the most stressful aspect of my 40-year nursing career has been caring for dying patients in the first wave. My colleagues and I had to provide the intimacy and comfort that would be usually afforded to us by loved ones as we approach death.

The smaller, simpler celebrations that this country now faces are a true gift to us all, and should be recognised as such. Think what we could achieve globally if we moved towards a simpler lifestyle, more in accordance with nature. Could we slow or even reverse the pathway we are currently hurtling down, towards our own extinction?

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