These new vitamin C serums will add brightness and bring cheer | Sali Hughes

A new crop of vit-C products add in exfoliating acids to kill two birds with one serum

Experience, disinclination and laziness mean I am never going to be someone who engages in complex 12-step skin routines. Nothing will convince me that using a dozen products, some containing hundreds of ingredients, then a heap more at night, is conducive to happy, calm skin. It might not make for an exciting Instagram “shelfie”, but my morning routine is pared back and straightforward: cleanse, exfoliate with fruit acids, treat with vitamin C serum, protect. However, there’s a new crop of vitamin C products that aim to streamline things even further by adding in exfoliating acids to kill two birds with one serum – and I’m excited.

Ole Henriksen’s relaunch into Boots has been so focused on younger consumers that I was sceptical about the gimmicky-named Banana Bright (£53 for 30ml). But three empties later, I can confirm it’s lovely. It has a good 15% dose of vitamin C and the all-important hyaluronic acid (I want this in everything) for hydration. These stalwarts are joined by polyhydroxy acids: gentler exfoliants for treating flakiness or dullness and encouraging the light-bouncing glow of smooth skin. Barely perceptible yellowy pigments give instant brightness. It’s a great morning step that allows you to ditch a separate acid (though I’ve used this in addition to acid and my skin has been perfectly happy, so your options are open).

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