Tottenham Hotspur v Brentford: Carabao Cup semi-final – live!

7.26pm GMT

Firstly, he reveals that Pontus Jansson would have been picked but is suffering from a minor injury. He also says the fact that this tie is being contested over one leg rather than the usual two increases the chances of Brentford pulling of an upset in their first ever semi-final. “We all know it’s not an everyday game but we are looking forward to it. Let’s try to attack, do our best and see what happens. Everybody knows Tottenham are big favourites and name-for-name are a better team than us but the fact it’s only one game helps us.”

7.17pm GMT

Moussa Sissoko has ben speaking to Sky Sports and reveals Jose Mourinho’s instructions, which, apparently, really do include “don’t sit back”: “He told us to take this team seriously because they are a very god opponent, doing very well in the Championship. Everyone wants to be in the final so it’s going to be a big battle. Let’s do everything to go through. Be strong defensively and when you have the ball, go forward. Don’t sit back and don’t wait.”

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