Tottenham v West Brom: Premier League – live!

11.27am GMT

“After Brighton and then Chelsea, I was sure that Mourinho would think at least three times before putting Sanchez and Dier close to the starting XI,” says Yash Gupta. “Maybe it’s just a case of Rodon not being ready yet as Sanchez is back. Perhaps I’m too critical of those two plus Sissoko, Winks, Moura and Bergwijn, so being on positivity mode again, HEY IT’S WEST BROM, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.”

11.22am GMT

“This is a must-win game for Mourinho,” says Zack Lawrence. “His Spurs side have looked terrible, lack creativity and rely heavily on Kane and Son. Even on Thursday, when Chelsea went 1-0 up it looked like game over. This is a great chance for Spurs to win a game but I wouldn’t put it past them to lose.”

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