Traces: shoddily written forensic drama is a case best left cold

From its nonsensical plot to its janky dialogue, the new crime series raises many questions, most of them starting with ‘why’

I would like to thank the series Traces (Monday, 9pm, BBC One) for helping me come to what I think is actually a very zen realisation that will help me thrive for the rest of my natural life: not all TV has to be good, you know. I mean good TV is great, don’t get me wrong – nothing better than putting your phone away and getting stuck in to an exceedingly high-quality box set – and mediocre TV has a place, too (something mild to make dinner to) and, actually, if all TV was good (on every channel! At every hour of the day!) then we wouldn’t have time for work or sleep or family or friends, because we’d have our eyes propped open watching television, constantly. So it’s good that they make TV sometimes that isn’t very good, because it frees up an hour of our lives to go and do something else.

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