Turning over a new leaf? The best books for a new year

From Agatha Christie’s Mary Westmacott novels to life lessons from a Stoic philosopher, Sophie Hannah recommends books to see in 2021

I have a suspicion about 2021. Even though it has only just started, I’m guessing it will turn out to be a year that contains joy, pain, excitement, fear and every other possible human feeling. If I’m right, then 2021 – despite being a new beginning – will be much like 2020, which also contained the full range of wonderful-to-terrible emotions.

I’ve heard many say “Good riddance to 2020” and I understand why, but it also makes me want to correct the misunderstanding. A year is a moral-value-free and agenda-free unit of time. It has neither agency nor culpability. It’s merely a container inside which we have experiences.

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