UK politics: Labour calls Johnson ‘spineless’ over Trump as Patel says US president provoked violence – live

Latest updates: PM accused of not being critical enough of US president after Trump supporters storm Capitol in Washington

10.21am GMT

The Labour MP Chris Bryant, a former Foreign Office minister, is also effectively calling for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK after the leaves office (because that would be one effect of Magnitsky-style sanctions).

We should consider Magnitsky style sanctions against all those who incited violence in the Capitol.

No condemnation of Trump because they’re cut from the same cloth. Right-wing narcissist dilettantes both.

This is what @BorisJohnson should have said

10.10am GMT

Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s justice minister, has suggested that the Westminster government should ban Donald Trump from entering the UK after he leaves the White House on the grounds that his presence would not be conducive to the public good.

Once he leaves Office if Trump tries to come to UK the Home Sect should give serious consideration to denying him entry, she has the power if an applicant’s presence is not conducive to the public good

Trump’s default is to stir up racial tension & yday he incited a violent mob.

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