Virtual New Year’s Eve: how to party like it’s 2021 from the comfort of your front room

‘Moon’ raves, gourmet dinners and online erotica are some of the ways to spice up that stay-at-home evening

For many, New Year’s Eve 2020 will be spent doing little more than watching yet more television. But beatboxer SK Shlomo has made plans so big he got Nasa involved: what he is calling the “world’s first charity rave-a-thon”, Rave to the Moon, will be launched by retired astronaut Nicole Stott, the 10th woman to perform a spacewalk.

Revellers, dancing in front rooms and kitchens around the world to virtual sets by the likes of Basement Jaxx and Rob da Bank, will have their steps counted in real time in the hope that collectively they will dance the hundreds of thousands of miles it would take to get to the moon. Shlomo, who has set world records with his mass-participation events, stresses you can also join in just by sitting on your sofa.

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