Wales v Ireland: Six Nations 2021 – live!

2.29pm GMT

A spot of pre-match reading from Paul Rees:

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2.29pm GMT

The BBC roll a feature about the recent discussions around concussion in rugby, led by the Guardian’s coverage of the issue which is all available to read here.

Johnson: “It was shocking an upsetting … the first thing you learn when you play is how to protect your head – head and neck safety … when I was first playing it was three weeks, mandatory [for concussion] … there’s a lot more we need to know, there is research being done. At the end of my career we were doing cognitive tests … it’s something that’s worrying, the more we can find out about it and know about it, the better we will be. I think people are far more aware of it now … early in my career, referees weren’t … players are their own worst enemy, they want to play on, it has to be taken out of their hands.”

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