What’s the furthest from goal a player has seen red for a professional foul? | The Knowledge

Plus: record-scoring Champions League flops, winning a game with no shots on target and bad league champions

“What is the furthest away from goal someone has been sent off for a professional foul?” muses Robert Davies.

Our thoughts immediately settled on Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s gloriously cynical scything down of Newcastle’s Rob Lee at Old Trafford in 1998 but by the time the Norwegian actually made contact with Lee’s shins, he was only around 30 yards from goal. How about this shocking decision from the 1991 League Cup quarter-finals then, when Southampton’s Jimmy Case was sent for an early bath after hauling down Bryan Robson – hardly known for his blistering pace – a good 40 yards from goal with two covering defenders for company? At the beginning of the season referees had been instructed to tighten up punishment for fouls that denied a clear goalscoring opportunity and, on this evidence, they had a loose understanding of what that meant.

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