Who is Humza Yousaf and how will he change Scotland? | podcast

For eight years Nicola Sturgeon towered over Scottish politics. Now there is a new first minister in charge, how will he make his mark?

It was the first SNP election in nearly 20 years, and it was bitterly contested. But, finally, Scotland has a new first minister – its youngest ever and the first to come from a minority ethnic background.

Yet Humza Yousaf is also the “continuity candidate”, who spent the election campaign aligning himself with his predecessor Nicola Sturgeon. Now he has won, how will he set himself apart and imprint himself on the minds of Scottish voters? Libby Brooks explains how much his proximity to Sturgeon helped propel him to power – and why it now means he has inherited some serious problems, while Hannah Moore asks how Yousaf can unite the SNP after such a bruising battle and what his vision for Scotland will be.

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