Why do some people find it harder than others to lose weight?

After treating thousands of obese people, bariatric surgeon Andrew Jenkinson was left wondering why, when most people eat too many calories, only some become overweight. After years of research, he believes he has the answer

Anushka Asthana talks to Dr Andrew Jenkinson, a consultant in bariatric (weight-loss) surgery. He discusses how his patients’ experiences of failed weight loss led him to spend years researching metabolism and weight reduction. Why is it that although most people consume food with too many calories, only some become obese?

Genes predispose you to obesity, he says, but your genetics need to be triggered by environmental change for you to become obese. In areas of the world where populations eat local, fresh ingredients, populations do not become obese. But if you change that food supply to processed food, some of that populations will become obese.

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