Why is video game Twitter obsessed with Resident Evil’s giant woman?

The gigantically tall character in a wide-brimmed hat has become the latest meme to light up social media with speculation, fan art and barely concealed lust

When Capcom launched a new trailer and demo for its forthcoming horror sequel Resident Evil Village at the end of January, the company probably didn’t realise it was about to have a global internet meme on its hands. But, as players downloaded and explored the short interactive trailer for the game, thousands were left equally terrified and spellbound by the figure who bursts in at the climax: a gigantically tall woman in a wide-brimmed hat and cleavage-hugging pleated dress, who then comes at the player with a Freddy Krueger-style knife glove.

Who was this giant woman? Why was she so alluring? Gaming Twitter lit up with speculation, screenshots, fan art and very quickly, barely concealed lust.

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