With the Covid vaccine comes hope, but this is no time to let our guard down | Gaby Hinsliff

The timetable for lifting UK restrictions depends not only on how many people have been vaccinated, but levels of transmission

It feels like watching the stars come out at night, punching their tiny brilliant holes in the darkness one by one.

Every vaccine given, every story of some friend’s elderly father or previously housebound great-aunt getting the call-up, is another small victory. One less potential victim for the virus. One more family spared a tragedy. Even the proposed handing out of “I’ve been vaccinated” stickers, like the ones dished out to small children for being brave at the dentist’s, seems only mildly toe-curling. It’s a lovely thing to hear that someone you know has been plucked to safety, like a shipwrecked sailor hauled on board a lifeboat. What’s wrong with spreading the joy?

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