Women’s tennis stars cautious as 2021 season starts inside fragile bubble | Tumaini Carayol

The WTA’s top players will converge on Abu Dhabi to begin a season that is vulnerable to Covid-19 and financial worries

In regular times, the first days of the tennis season are moments of unfiltered satisfaction as players embrace their colleagues again and arrive refreshed for the year ahead. But for Ons Jabeur in Abu Dhabi this week, her joy is accompanied with a hint of resignation.

“I’m hoping that this bubble life will end very soon,” she said. “Even though I’m not sure when the Covid’s going to be over. But, I mean, we want our freedom. We are professionals and I think we can have the responsibility to be in the tournament and also be responsible at the same time. We don’t need those restrictions. But what can you do? You have to accept them after all.”

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