Zelda Perkins: ‘There will always be men like Weinstein. All I can do is try to change the system that enables them’

When she was just 24 and her colleague was attacked by Harvey Weinstein, Perkins took on the media mogul. She explains the impact of this year’s verdict and why she is still fighting against the non disclosure agreements that kept his crimes being revealed

For more than 20 years, Zelda Perkins had known that the film producer Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator, though not the scale of his abuse. This year, Weinstein was finally convicted of rape; in March, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Perkins was “blown away”.

Perkins was not one of the women Weinstein assaulted, but her colleague was. Instead, Perkins became – as a naive but furious 24-year-old assistant – one of the few people brave enough to stand up to the rich, powerful man known for his bullying and ability to make or break careers.

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