ZeroZeroZero review – Gomorrah writer offers a bleak cartel saga

This drug trafficking drama based on the work of Roberto Saviano is a slick affair, but a grim message – and a nihilistic streak – are never far from the surface

Who’d be a drug dealer, eh? From The Wire to Narcos, via Breaking Bad and Traffic (or the 1989 British miniseries Traffik, on which it was based, if your memory extends that far), it always looks exhausting. So stressful. And, y’know, periodically fatal.

This is particularly the case, perhaps, when you are at the top of the food chain, like the fellows organising the multimillion-dollar cocaine deal in ZeroZeroZero (Sky Atlantic). The eight-part limited series – one with final scenes that beg for a sequel – is based on a book by the Gomorrah writer Robert Saviano and follows the international travels of 5,000kg of drugs, as well as the travails of those whose lives and livelihoods depend on their successful delivery.

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